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Submit a video of your best 3 to 5 minutes for a chance to win $3000 cash and be featured on the 2022 North American "Bukaopu" Lunar New Year Online Spring Festival Gala Show!



Best Act of the Year 


1 winner 一位赢家



Best Musical Act


1 winner 一位赢家


Best Dance Act


1 winner 一位赢家



Best Singer (male)


1 winner 一位赢家



Best Singer (female)


1 winner 一位赢家


Chinese Culture Award最佳中国传统文化奖

3 winners 三位赢家

This award will be given to three (3) acts that best represents Chinese culture. 本奖项颁发给三个最好体现中国文化的节目


Best Variety Act (Including but not limited to Magic, Juggling, Acrobatics and any other form of performance art)


1 winner 一位赢家



Audience Choice Award


1 winner 一位赢家


This award will be given to the act with the most votes on our contest website (Coming Soon) 本奖将颁发给在我们决赛网站上得到投票最多的节目(网站即将公布)

Director’s Choice Awards


9 winners 9位赢家


This award will be given to acts of exceptional quality chosen by the director to be included in the 2022 Online Spring Festival Gala Live-stream.本奖项将颁发给九个导演评选出的高质量文艺节目,并被纳入 2022 UCA《天籁云端》“不靠谱”线上春节联欢。

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Click Here for Contest Submission Form Now 请点击以下按钮进入参赛者申请表格 

Contest Rules 比赛规则:

Participants of the Bukaopu Online Talent Contest are encouraged to send a 3 to 5 minute video link (Youtube/Vimeo/Youku/Bili/iQiyi etc. HD 1280 x 720 or better) of their original* work in one of the following categories:

参加不靠谱线上达人才艺大赛的朋友们请递交你们3-5分钟的原创*节目的视频链接(youtube/Vimeo/Youku/Bilibili/iQiyi 等, HD 1280 x 720或更高分辨率)给主办方,节目形式可以归为以下几种:

- Singing 唱歌

- Dancing 跳舞

- Instrumental Music Performance 器乐演奏

- Variety Act (Poetry reading/Juggling/Acrobatics/Magic etc.) 综艺 (诗歌/杂耍/魔术/小品等)


*Original Work may include original songs, dance choreography, original music compositions and original poetry/juggling/acrobatic/magic routines etc.) 原创节目可以包括原创歌曲,原创舞蹈,原创音乐作品,原创诗歌朗诵/杂耍/杂技/魔术流程等)

Performances of existing songs/music will also be accepted especially if the piece has been arranged/orchestrated/remixed to add elements of originality by the performer/presenter.


Performances of classical music will also be accepted and judged based on technicality, artistic merit and original interpretation of the piece. However, original compositions and performances of new works will have a better chance of winning a prize. 参赛者也可以递交古典音乐作品的演奏,节目将被评为会从技巧,艺术造诣和原创性解读方面评分。演奏的原创的新作品会有更大机会得奖。


Videos for submission should be made between Feb 1st 2021 to Feb 11th 2022.


The winners will be selected by our panel of judges based on the following:


• Originality 原创性
• Artistic merit 艺术造诣
• Technical prowess 技巧功底

• Presentation 展示方法

• Best representing Chinese culture 中国文化内涵

Submissions should be sent to on or before February 11th 2022, but we encourage everyone to submit them in before February 1st 2022 to allow more time for our panel of judges to review them which may increase your chances of winning!


The official winners will be announced on the UCA Concert in the Cloud "Bukaopu" Lunar New Year Gala Show live streamed from Ding Ding TV in San Francisco on February 12th 2022 at 5pm PST (8pm EST).


Download Contestant Authorization and Release Letter by clicking the button below:

What are you waiting for? Submit your act TODAY for your chance to win!!! Submission deadline: Feb. 11th, 2022


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