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There once was a viola player who could never get any work except for playing in an orchestra pit to accompany community musical theatre productions.
In pursuit of his dream of fame and glory, he decided to form a quartet. But somehow, instead of other string players, three magicians are recruited; namely a psychic named Mark Lewis, an expert in card tricks known as Jeff Hinchliffe the Scholar and a maestro of balloon art named Sean Rooney.
Reluctantly, the violist formed an ensemble with the three magicians called "magic quartet", and now the viola player plays accompaniment for a magic show.

Come see the world premiere of this hilarious fun-packed Immersive Musical Magic Show of a viola joke on the evening of June 3rd, 2024 (2 shows at 6pm and 8pm)

Date: June 3rd 2024

Time: 6pm & 8pm

Place: Ontario Historical Society

34 Parkview Ave.Willowdale ON



Kids 12 and under $25.

Adults $39.

VIP* $88

(Limit to only 4 VIP tickets per show)

Welcome to the MAGIC QUARTET!

Featuring four of Toronto's most eccentric magicians:

Mark Lewis the Psychic, winner of the Golden Buzzer on Canada's Got Talent, who is also a psychic and hypnotist, he brings a set of classic magic tricks seldom seen performed by the youngsters on tik-tok. Mark Lewis is considered an "old-school" showman (he has written the book on the subject) with a rare blend of charm and sarcasm that will keep you laughing in between moments of amazement.

Sean Rooney the Balloon Maestro has been credited with installations at Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, and Ontario Science Centre. Also referred to as the God of Balloons among other professionals in the business, Sean combines magic, music and balloon artistry into one performance art form that is truly unique!

Jeff Hinchliffe the Scholar, known among the magicians as the gate-keeper to some of magic's best kept secrets from behind the counter at the Browser's Den Magic Shop, is considered one of the most knowledgable men in the conjuring arts in the city. He is also an inventor of magic and many of his magical creations have been used by magicians all over. Now is a chance to see the man himself perform some of his favourite routines!

Dr. K (Kemin Zhang) is a composer, songwriter, and music producer by day, and a practitioner of the mystic arts by night. A firm believer in music as a form of real magic, he combines mentalism with his composition process to present a musical magical art-form infused with his esoteric philosophies, creating a truly memorable experience that will leave you pondering reality. He is also the producer who orchestrated this event.

Together, they form the Magic Quartet bringing you an evening full of mystery, laughter, and of course MAGIC!


The event will take place at the Ontario Historical Society (34 Parkview Ave, Willowdale, ON) on June 3rd, 2024. Don't miss this opportunity to witness the inaugural performance of Toronto's own sorcery squad - The MAGIC QUARTET!

*VIP ticket holders will enjoy special seating and be invited to participate in the magic performance.

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