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Aleksandra Denga

Violinist 小提琴家

Aleksandra Denga 是波兰的小提琴演奏家,毕业于2014年波兰Gdansk,Academy of Music的同时,她获得了波兰的Art Noble for Music Universities大奖. 在她的求学期间,她曾师事Grigori Zhyslin, Wanda Wilkomirska, Konstanty Andrzej Kulka, Eduard Grach等諸多名师。2011至2017年期间,她随着 I, Culture乐团在欧洲知名演奏厅如德国的Berliner Philharmonie, Berlin Konzerthaus, 伦敦Royal Festival Hall,冰岛的Harpa Concert Hall,华沙的 National Philharmonie, 马德里的Teatro Real及基辅的 National Opera 巡迴演出。于2014至2017年就职于贵阳交响乐团担任小提琴演奏员,2017年回到了波兰后任职于Baltic Philharmonie。2018年她再次回到中国并就职于北京国家大剧院至今,同时参与多项重奏音乐活动,与多位波兰歌唱家录有爵士及现代音乐专辑。

Alekandra Denga

Aleksandra Denga is a Polish violinist. Graduated from Academy of Music in Gdansk, Poland in 2014 with her master's recital recognised as one of three best in country that year in national Art Noble competition for Music Universities. During her education she studied with many acclaimed violinist such  as: Grigori Zhyslin, Wanda Wilkomirska, Konstanty Andrzej Kulka, Eduard Grach and others. In years 2011 to 2017 she's been accepted as a member of I, Culture Orchestra with which she toured across Europe in following years, playing in most prestigious halls in the continent including Berliner Philharmonie, Berlin Konzerthaus, Royal Festival Hall in London, Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik, National Philharmonie in Warsaw, Teatro Real in Madrid, National Opera in Kiev and many more. From 2014 to 2017 she was a member of Guiyang Symphony Orchestra. After moving back to Poland in 2017 she got a position in Polish Baltic Philharmonie. A year later she became a member of NCPA Orchestra in Beijing. Besides her career as an orchestra musician she's also involved in chamber music. Together with her string quartet she recorded several jazz and pop music albums with contemporary Polish vocalists.

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