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胡杨 Yang Hu

Singer & Song Writer

胡杨,北京清华大学毕业,80年代的校园歌手唱作人,清华乃至北京最早的校园民谣先驱,清华大学第一支电声乐队白桦乐队的创始人。80年代曾经在中央电视台,北京电视台,天津电视台,首都体育馆,天津体育馆演唱原创校园歌曲,并在清华大学1986年校园歌曲比赛中获第一名,北京首届BTV歌赛,中国星海杯校园歌曲比赛,中国人才杯歌赛,北京牡丹杯吉他弹唱比赛中获奖。1987年初出版原创歌曲《问雁儿》,为中国校园民谣中第一首商业出版的原创歌曲。90年初出国留学读博,一直没有放弃原创爱好,三十多年写了100多首原创歌曲,也曾经在美国主流社会演奏演唱,如职业棒球赛上演奏美国国歌,主流社会音乐节Detroit Arts Beats and Eats Festival, Concert of Color演唱原创歌曲等。

胡杨 Yang Hu

Dr. Yang Hu, graduated from Tsinghua University, Beijing. He is the pioneer of Chinese modern pop culture “campus folk song”, a singer & song writer from 1980s, and the original member of the first ever rock band in Tsinghua history. He performed his original songs on CCTV, BTV, TJTV, in Capital Stadium, & in Tianjin arena.He won the first place in 1986 Tsinghua campus song competition, and also won in various competitions such as Beijing BTV song competition, Chinese Xinhai cup campus song competition, Chinese talent cup competition, and Beijing peony cup competition, as a singer & song writer.He published the song “Dialog with a bird”, which is arguably the first original campus folk song commercially published in China. He came to USA to continue his PhD degree in engineering in 1990. Since then, he is continue his singing and song writing hobby and has written more than 100 original songs in 30+ years. He also performed at American main stream society events such as night clubs, summer festivals, and national anthem at professional sport events.

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