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Dr. K 科博士

Dr. K

A Journey of Magic and The Mystic Arts


Dr. K (a.k.a. Kemin Zhang), the enchanting Chinese Canadian magician, embarked on his magical odyssey at the age of 13 when a fire-breathing black book ignited his passion for the mystical arts. From that moment, his life has been a fascinating blend of reality and magic, captivating audiences around the world.


A Magical Apprenticeship

Kemin's magical journey led him to the doorstep of renowned Canadian magician Jim Johnstone. Under Johnstone's mentorship, Kemin honed his craft, and the stage was set for a remarkable career.


Performing Prowess

At the age of 17, Kemin began his professional magic career at Toronto's prestigious Granite Club. His performances, interwoven with sets of piano music, created cherished memories among the club's esteemed members.

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Kemin Zhang

A Global Exploration

The new millennium ushered Kemin back to China, where he joined the crew of a documentary featuring the famous American magic duo, Penn & Teller. This groundbreaking documentary miniseries, "Penn & Teller's Magical Mystery Tour," aired in 2003 on CBC.


Television Stardom

Kemin's magical prowess illuminated the screens of China with appearances on television shows such as "Magic Training Camp," "I Love Full House" (CCTV), "Magic Heroes" (Hunan Satellite TV), and "Amazing Magicians" (Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation). His role extended beyond performing as he also served as an instructor and consultant.

Kemin Zhang Magician MC in front of red curtain with an umbrella and holding a change bag hosting Westlake International Magic Convention in Hangzhou
First Chinese Magical Musical Joker's Game Musical in on stage Dong Guan

A Musical Adventure

In 2011, Kemin co-wrote the book for China's first original magical musical "Joker's Game." 《王牌游戏》 This production garnered prestigious accolades from critics and audiences alike, receiving the "Best Production Award" and "Audience Choice Award" at the Dongguan Musical Theatre Festival in China.

Magic Meets Science

In 2018, Kemin was chosen by the acclaimed Broadway Producer/Director Don Frantz to work on the Chinese adaptation of the off-Broadway hit "That Physics Show". Aside from co-writing the script, consulting on everything magic and music related, and starring as the leading man in the original cast, Kemin also wrote lyrics and music for the show's theme song. His unique interpretation added a touch of magic to the original script, delighting industry experts and audiences of all ages.


A Dream Spectacle

During the National Day holiday season of the same year, Kemin served as the artistic director for Asia's first large-scale multimedia magic spectacle, "Ocean of Dreams," which played to a stadium audience of 10,000+.

cast of Ocean of Dreams Magic Spectacle at the Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai
poster for Ocean of Dreams and the 2nd Shanghai Life Magic Festival

A Magical Carnival

Building on his success, Kemin co-founded the Shanghai Life Magic Festival in 2019. This captivating event brought a grand carnival to the Shanghai Expo Celebration Square during China's National Day golden week. The magical spectacle Ocean of Dreams 2 was chosen by the Shanghai Culture and Tourism Bureau as the closing gala for the Shanghai Tourism Festival of the same year.


Returning to North America

Kemin Zhang returned to North America just before the pandemic and rekindled his passion for performing. He was invited to perform at the illustrious Magic Castle in Hollywood as part of their first-ever China Week, coinciding with the celebration of the lunar new year as an official California state holiday for the first time. This historical event resulted in a week of sold-out shows, marking another milestone in Kemin's magical career.

A Magical Educator

Kemin has created a unique curriculum to teach the art of magic and the mystical arts. He has partnered with Focus Learning's STEM program and launched a series of magic camps during spring break and the summer, inspiring the next generation of magicians.


Home in Toronto

Kemin Zhang has chosen Toronto as his home base. He is a charter member of the Toronto Assembly of the Society of American Magicians (S.A.M.) and a member of Toronto's Hat and Rabbit Club (Ring 17).

Kemin Zhang is currently immersed in the creation of his upcoming book, "The Secret Notes of Mr. Kapoop" This novella for young readers promises to be an enchanting exploration of the multifaceted world of magic, from the art of conjuring to the profound mysteries of the mystical arts.

Kemin Zhang performing at Magic Castle Library Bar
Red velvet curtains with the lights of the show and the wood flooring parquet_edited.jpg
Kemin Zhang hosting Jean-Paul Aydeloof Concert at Jean Darlene Piano Room


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